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Northwest Center for Applied Psychophysiology provides training and coaching in the areas of self-improvement, enhanced performance, health, and stress reduction.

Biofeedback training sessions

Biofeedback training sessions are offered for people who want to ameliorate the effects of stressors on their body. In order to make lasting changes in concert with an individual's particular situation, our protocol of stress management encompasses holistic concepts to train the whole person for maximal health and personal fulfillment. A comprehensive approach is used to alter coping mechanisms, both physiologically and psychologically.

Each session consists of biofeedback training on state of the art, advanced technology Nexus 10® equipment. Additionally, a portion of each session is devoted to work on such areas as sensory awareness, cognitive modifications, core values, time management, emotional management, the change process, anger, forgiveness, social support, and spirituality, as dictated by the needs of the client.

Personalized one-on-one sessions are available for people in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Contact us to schedule an appointment:

Speaking Engagements

Eleanor is available to speak to groups on the subjects of stress, emotions, and other related topics.

Northwest Center for Applied Psychophysiology - Stress Free... Naturally!
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